There are over 1 Million PMU related searches on Google every single month. Of those 1,000,000 searches, 300,000 people click on the 1st link they see, and only 9% click to the second page. That means if you’re not on the first page of Google, you have almost no chance of a potential client finding your website.

How many appointments do you book on a weekly basis from your website? Do you know how many visitors you get every day? You may have a great looking website, but because there are more and more PMU artists everyday, it’s getting harder to be seen online.

There is hope!

It’s not uncommon for even the smallest studios, or single artists to get 30-60% of all their bookings from their website. Whether those came from people who saw an ad on Facebook or they searched for permanent cosmetics on Google, they all booked an appointment after visiting their website.

So how do you get on the first page of Google?

Most artists don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a new website that will land them on the first page of Google, which is why we love that Google lets us pay to get your website on the very top of the list.

With Google Adwords, not only does can we show your website on the first page of Google search results, but also on banner ads of other websites, Youtube ads, and mobile apps and games. We can even retarget people who visited your website, but never booked an appointment.

If you could book just 10 new appointments every single month from your website, what would that do for your business? The average cost of an eyebrow procedure is around $400. That’s potentially an additional $4,000 in revenue from appointments booked from your website.

So what does it cost?

One of my favorite things about Adwords, is that there is no minimum amount to use it. So no matter what your budget is, you can use Google adwords to help you get more bookings.

Want help setting up your adwords account to start getting a piece of the 1,000,000 PMU related searches this month? Reach out to us on Facebook or click the chat on the bottom right.