We will be sending you our billing system to get your monthly payments all setup. We will also store your photos and descriptions in a system called basecamp. We will send you a link for that too. Basecamp is a very convenient place for everything to live so we can conveniently communicate in one place versus digging through old emails.

What we need from you to get started:

Billing – Go to the billing  link we provide and sign up for monthly payments. You can cancel anytime, but this system makes it easy for you to pay monthly automatically.  You can also add different components to your plan if you choose to. If you want any of the add-ons they are in the grey section. If not, just skip through all that and go to the section where you fill out personal and payment info. Let us know if you have any questions here.

Access to your Facebook Page – In order for us to do anything we need you to add (Laura Olphie) as admin on your Facebook page. Go to Settings–>Page Roles–>Type in Laura Olphie and click admin–>Save

Pick your photo for your first post and send us a description. We will plug your chosen before and after into the templates we created. We will send you access to Basecamp, which we will use for managing the project. All the photos and descriptions will live there. For your first post, just email us the before and after photos you want used and the description (while we set up Basecamp).