Google Ads

for Permanent Cosmetics Artists

Did you know that 92% of people who search Google click on a website on the first page? If your website isn’t on that top page, it can be almost impossible to find you.

We’re helping artist all over the world list their website on the first page of Google, resulting in more calls, more messages on Facebook and more bookings.

On average the Permanent Makeup artists we work with receive anywhere from 25-50% of their new clients from their website.

What we do

We create and fully manage your Google ads, saving you time and money.

Keyword Research

We’ve build a list of over 1,800 commonly searched keywords and phrases related to Permanent Cosmetics.

Competitor Analysis

Before getting started we’ll check out your local competitions ads, giving you a competitive advantage.

Ad Creation

We’ll design and write multiple ad variations to make sure you get even more clicks at the lowest possible price.

Landing Pages

Don’t have a great website? No problem! We can help design a new website or just a simple landing page.

Detailed Reporting

You’ll receive a detailed report each month showing how your Google ads are running and how we can improve.

Why should I Advertise

on Google for Permanent Cosmetics?

Google is no longer just a website, it’s a VERB. What do you do when you want to “search” for something online? You “GOOGLE IT”.

More people are searches for your services than ever before. Google searches for Permanent Cosmetics related services have increase by 15,000%… Yes, FIFTEEN THOUSAND PERCENT over the last several years.

Typically, people who are searching for products or services on Google are “Ready to buy now” which means they’re much more likely to book an appointment than they are after seeing your Facebook ads. Social Media is a MUST as a business owner but from our experience having grown our own Permanent Makeup studio and Academy over the last decade, Google has been responsible for over 40% of our Bookings.

Why should I hire

Permanent Cosmetics Marketing?

Our entire team has industry knowledge giving you and advantage over your competition.  Not only do we help PMU artists all over the world, we are artists ourselves. After growing our own permanent cosmetics studio and academy over the last decade we’re confident that we can help you as well.

Your website has a lot to do with performance of your Google ads success. Luckily we have a full team on in house designers who can not only audit your website to determine whether your website is effective, we can also help make changes to make sure that you get the best results with Google ads.

If you want to improve your Google ad performance or have never used Google ads before we can help.

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