We’ve all seen them, and if you’ve been a permanent makeup artist for long enough, you have had to ask your client to leave you one. But why are reviews and testimonials so important, and how can you use them to get MORE CLIENTS?

Here’s the deal, we are all more likely to believe what someone ELSE says about someone than we are to believe what they say about THEMSELVES.

So you can brag about how amazing your work is, and how great of a job you do, but will that alone get people to pay you for your services?

Sure, but not as many as having a long list of people who back up your claims!

Think about it this way…

You need a new phone case, so you go online (probably amazon) and find one that looks good.

You read the description to see how good it is and if it will fit and protect your phone.

Then what? Do you buy it?

If your like most people, you probably take one more step…

You look at the reviews.


Because you want to know that other people JUST LIKE YOU are happy with their product.

So how does this relate to PMU and PMU artists?

Your clients want to know that you are good at what you do.

I mean… you are tattooing someone’s face after all!

“But I post before and afters to my instagram page, isn’t that enough?”


Posting photos of your work is GREAT! Don’t get me wrong.

But it doesn’t tell the story of WHY that person had their brows done, or WHY they wanted to get permanent eyeliner.

As a permanent makeup artist, you solve your clients PROBLEMS every day, and you may not even know it.

When you work on a clients eyebrows, you could be saving them 5 minutes every single day, which is more that 30 HOURS every year.

You are giving someone without eyebrows the confidence to go to that club and meet that guy they have been too self conscious to talk to.

You are helping a cancer patient feel pretty again after losing their friggin’ nipples!

What does all of this have to do with testimonials and reviews?

Put yourself if the shoes of someone who I just listed…

If you were tired of wasting 5-10 minutes every day doing your makeup, and you saw a review or testimonial of someone who mentions how much time it saves them…

Are you going to get excited and make an appointment?



If you are an introvert like myself or are new to business, it can be hard. But remember… If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. I used to hate asking people to leave a review or send me a testimonial. So over the years, I’ve forced myself to learn different ways to ask.

The easiest way, is to make them feel good about leaving a review.

What do I mean by that?

Let them know that by leaving a review, they could be helping someone else who is in the same boat as they were before they came to you.


If they are happy with their new look, they will probably tell you before they leave.


They have already told you that they are happy, now you just have to get them to go to Facebook or Google and leave a review.

I’ve even asked people to do it while they were standing there.

“Hey before you leave, do you mind leaving me a review on Facebook? It could really help someone else who is looking for Permanent Makeup!”

Most people are more than happy to do so 🙂

If you aren’t as confident about asking in person, shoot them a text or a message on Facebook or Instagram. Chances are, if you have a great Facebook page, you have already been communicating on Facebook anyway.

A day or 2 after they come in, shoot them a message asking how they are doing.

This is a great way to let them know you care about your work, and a perfect opportunity to avoid any bad reviews as well!

If they aren’t happy with your work, then you can go back and forth in a message or a call to avoid any nasty reviews.

If they have something great to say, simply send them a link to your reviews page on Facebook and ask them to leave a review.


Specific reviews are always better than generic.

What do I mean by that?

Which review is more likely to get you to book an appointment? A or B?

A) Great work! Love my new eyebrows 🙂


B) I was hesitant to get my eyebrows done because I wasn’t sure if it would hurt. I’m a bit of a pansy when it comes to pain, but after coming in Jenny made me feel extremely comfortable and it didn’t hurt at all! I am in love with my new look! 🙂

If you were looking at someones website, and you saw B on the home page, without a doubt you would book an appointment if you were also afraid of a permanent makeup hurting.

I would pick 4-6 testimonials that all touch on what I like to call…

HOT BUTTONS – Why are they wanting to get permanent makeup?

Again, if you see someone else who is in your same shoes and is happy with their new look, you are 10 times as likely to make an appointment.


Testimonials and reviews are the BEST way to give people confidence in your work and get them to book an appointment.

It doesn’t have to be hard to get people to leave you a review.. Just ask 🙂

If you use testimonials on your website or in any outward marketing  such as Facebook ads or printed flyers, pick ones that are specific and show proof of solving peoples problems or concerns.


Still not sure how to get people to leave a review?

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